Common equipment

The equipment in each functional room of the chemistry laboratory is different. Next, let's get to know the common instruments and equipment in each functional room.

Physical and chemical room: often used to operate physical and chemical projects, etc.; mainly equipped with laboratory benches, fume hoods, commonly used glassware, water baths, pH meters, multi-tube mixers, etc.

Inorganic pretreatment room: the main place for sample pretreatment and digestion, a lot of acid will be used, and a lot of acid mist will be generated; commonly used pretreatment equipment: acid tank, (dry sample and wet sample) grinder, temperature control Shaker, ultrasonic cleaner, desktop centrifuge, electric heating plate, microwave digestion instrument, etc.

Organic pretreatment room: the sample eliminates interference components before the measurement, concentrates the components to be tested, so that the sample can meet the requirements of the analysis method; commonly used equipment: rotary evaporator, fast solvent extraction instrument, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, Refrigerated centrifuge, homogenizer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, water bath constant temperature oscillator, parallel evaporator, nitrogen blowing instrument, etc.

Instrument room: large analytical instrument and small instrument room; conventional large analytical instrument: gas chromatography (GC), gas mass spectrometry (GC-MS), liquid chromatography (HPLC), liquid mass spectrometry (LC- MS), atomic absorption (AAS), atomic fluorescence, inductively coupled plasma emission chromatography (ICP), ICP-MS, ion chromatography, etc.

Balance room: often used for weighing samples and standards. The higher the accuracy of the balance, the higher the environmental requirements. Influencing factors: temperature and humidity, airflow, vibration, etc. Placing analytical balances (one in 10,000, 0.1 mg) and micro balances (one in 10,000, 0.01 mg) have relatively high requirements for environmental temperature and humidity, and a buffer room should be set up in the balance room.

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